90 Degree Gravity Twist Chute
Made of hardened steel rails it is an economical means
of orienting parts to different positions into or out of
Specialty Units

ASI can provide you with a wide
variety of Specialty Units

Our engineering team works with
our customers in all phases of the
product development process -
from initial design assistance
through actual production.
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Elevator utilizes buckets to raise the product to the
required height, and unit is fully guarded.  This unit is
effective for all types of products.
Part Orientor, Check and Load Station
Parts are placed on a fixture and rotated to achieve
radial orientation via sensor or mechanical devices.  
Once oriented they are transferred to a second fixture
that maintains orientation of the part for machine
pickup.  ASI designs and manufactures special part
orientors for numerous applications.  These units utilize
pneumatic, hydraulic or electro-mechanical slides.  
Radial orientors utilize either Servo or Stepper motors,
Machine Loader/Unloader
The machine unloader clamps and removes parts out
of the machine fixture, retracts, rotates 90 degrees and
transfers parts onto the collection conveyor.  ASI can
provide these units utilizing either pneumatic,
hydraulic, or electro-mechanical motions.
Allows part flow from a single lane to multiple lanes or
vice-versa.  Client may utilize a rocker, or shot bolt
meter, to interrupt part flow when gate changes lanes.
180 Degree Power Rollover
Parts are metered on a belt conveyor one at a time
then raised and oriented 180 degrees onto gravity track
or into the assembly area.
Probe Meter
Releases parts one at a time or may be used for
multiple part releases, controls part flow between
system components
Rocker Meter
Used to gently release part with a rocker action.  
Effective for larger diameter parts, controls part flow
between system components.
Side Grip Elevator
Elevator utilizes an adjustable cross-section, gripper
fingers made of urethane for protection of parts, and
unit is fully guarded.  Effective for use with finished
parts and/or high production.  Units are capable of
maintaining part orientation or can turn part 180
degrees from intake to discharge.